Fire Explosion Averted As Petrol Tanker Falls On Golf Car In Lagos, Spills Content


A fire explosion was on Tuesday averted in Lagos after a petrol tanker fell on a Golf Volkswagen car, spilling its contents in the Surulere neighborhood of Lagos State.

The incident took place close to Funsho Williams Avenue on top of the Stadium Bridge, facing Barracks/Ojuelegba.

It took the intervention of the LASTEMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority) employees, who upon their arrival called other emergency responders, to avert what might have been a catastrophe.

Following the incident, Funsho Williams Avenue traffic heading toward Stadium Bridge from Barracks/Ojuelegba was rerouted to the service lane.

“After arriving at the scene, our personnel immediately secured the environment against area boys including other members of the public who had already gathered with buckets/jerry cans with the intention of scooping spreading fuel on the road,” the Director of public Affairs and Enlightenment Department of LASTMA, Adebayo Taofiq, said while confirming the incident.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that the falling Coniol tanker loaded fuel at Apapa and was on his (sic) way to Ikeja before the truck developed a break failure on Stadium Bridge.”

Sefiyu Adamu, the tanker driver, was apprehended and has since been turned over to the police for additional investigation.

Recall that the Lagos State government prohibited trucks from using the Ojuelegba, Stadium, and Dorma-long bridges in an effort to prevent any more bridge accidents.


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