Without Eliminating Boko Haram Terrorists, No Soldier Is Complete, Says CDS Musa


As the country deals with insurgency operations in the North-East, General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff, has urged Nigerian Army soldiers to eliminate terrorists.

Tuesday in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, the CDS gave orders to Operation Hadin Kai soldiers at the Maimalari cantonment to track down and eliminate Boko Haram terrorists before they attack Nigerians.

Musa instructed the soldiers to engage the rebels in combat and declared that no soldier was complete unless they had killed at least one Boko Haram member present.

“Don’t just come and sleep in the theatre, make sure you look for Boko Haram and kill. Anybody who comes to the theatre and finishes without killing one Boko Haram is not complete,” he stated.

“So you must make sure before you go, look for them, that’s the only way we can finish them completely.

“They should not be looking for us, we should be looking for them. Do not go and sit down until they attack and we repel, there is nothing like repel, go and find and kill them.”

The visit provided the CDS with an opportunity to thank the troops for their dedication and sacrifices. He assured them that the insurgency in the area would soon come to an end and urged them to continue the assault against the terrorists.

Musa said that the Army and Defence Headquarters have implemented a reward system for deserving soldiers who have performed well when speaking about the plans for the troops.

He claims that the goal is more than just punishing unruly soldiers. But he issued a warning that any soldier caught selling weapons or ammunition would face harsh punishment.

The defense chief also mentioned that preparations were being made to guarantee that no soldier would spend more than two years in the North East theater of operations.


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