Popular Catholic Priest Abandons Catholic Church Over Alleged Oppression


Reverend Father Paul Obayi, also known as Fr Okunerere, a priest in the Nsukka Diocese of the Catholic Church, has declared his desire to leave the Catholic church.

In Nsukka, Enugu State, the founder of the Okunerere Adoration Ministry, a priest, accused his bishop, Most Rev. Godfrey Onah is accused of mistreating him.

Speaking in a video on his Facebook page, he said, “The church is my vineyard, I love the church, I love my Nsukka (Catholic) church, I love the bishop, I love the priests, I love them, but they are oppressing me.

“I was looking for a land where I will conduct my adoration but couldn’t find. I rented a place behind Queens College Nsukka and started my adoration there. Bishop Onah chased me out of the place, saying I was causing noise and distracting the students of Queens.

The past governor of Enugu State, Gburugburu gave me this piece of land I’m staying in now. I told the Bishop that I have land and I took him there to see the land. When he came, he then said that the land is fine to be used to build the Marian Shrine. I told him it’s my adoration ministry I want to start here and not Marian Shrine. He said I shouldn’t talk about it again. I give everything to the church, yet the church wants to strängl£ me. But it can’t happen!

“I bought and installed the best transformer in the cathedral of Nsukka Diocese which they’re using till today.

“The Bishop mandated me to build a museum where I would keep the deities I removed from villages. I spent N2.8 million to build the museum upstairs inside the cathedral and reported it to my bishop.

“The only ‘thank you’ I got from my bishop was that he asked me ‘Where did I get the money to build it when he has banned the selling of olive oil’. Yet, I endured it.”


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