Police Parade Woman For Using Boiling Oil To Bathe Her Husband


The Rivers State Police Command has detained and paraded a woman for destroying her husband’s body with boiling oil.

The woman, identified as Favour Nweke, hails from Obite village in the Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area.

The state capital of Port Harcourt’s police commissioner, Emeka Nwonyi, led the suspects out in front of the public at the command’s headquarters on Moscow Road.

Speaking to the press, CP Nwonyi asserted that no matter how far someone tried to escape the law, it would eventually catch up with them.

“(She) used hot groundnut oil on the husband may be for whatever domestic issue they have. You can run but you cannot hide, so I can assure you that the person has been arrested and is here with us. The law will catch up with anybody and do the necessary sanctions because if you do anyhow, you see anyhow,” CP Nwonyi said.

However, Mrs. Nweke later expressed regret for her actions, claiming that she wouldn’t have done it if she had known how it would turn out. She and her husband were arguing when she poured boiling oil all over his body.

Although he is covered in blisters, her husband Ekelediri Nwokekoro from Okehi in the state’s Etche Local Government Area still manages to speak a few words.

“This is the challenge I face this period, it is an accident and I didn’t know it will occur this way,” Nwokekoro managed to mutter.

Alongside Mrs. Nweke, other suspects arrested on charges of cultism, case snatching, and robbery were also paraded, and the police also displayed recovered weapons.


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