IPoB Condemns Alleged bandits Who Threatening Aba


Aba, in Abia State, residents have received a warning from suspected bandits regarding the weekly sit-at-home order.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), in response to the warning, announced on Saturday that the sit-at-home protest would no longer be held in Aba.

The group accuses city residents of failing to observe the sit-at-home day in a viral video.

“On Monday, the coming week, the angels of Chukwu Okike will be passing in Aba. They said they have been receiving tons of messages coming from the good people of Aba that Aba does not observe the sit at home. How can the great mighty fall? How can the great Iroko fall? How can the Enyimba fall? In the whole of Igbo land, when the people of Aba come out, the whole of Igbo land will shake,” a voice in the video says.

“But today, the people of Aba are turning to become like women. It looks like there are no men in Aba anymore. But starting from Monday, there will be evangelism outreach in Aba. And when this evangelism is going on, there are people that will give their lives to Christ as a burnt offering and there are people who will be delivered from their demonic spirits. And there are people who will receive miracles and there are people who will be made to see signs and wonders.”

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When asked if the IPOB was behind the warning, Comrade Emma Powerful, the group’s media and publicity secretary, said that the organization is unable to do so because Aba is the center of the movement to secede and form an independent state of Biafra.

He said: “ESN or IPOB members, IPOB cannot threaten Aba because Aba is the heart beat of the struggle for Biafra. IPOB cannot threaten Aba because of sit at home order.”


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