Angel, Soma, Mercy Unfollow Each Other On Instagram


Former Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem” winner and All-Stars contestant, Mercy Eke, caused a stir on social media when she unfollowed some of her former housemates, Angel and Soma.

This unexpected move unfolded on social media, leaving fans intrigued.

The unfollowing drama followed a viral interview featuring Mercy Eke in which she opened up about her challenging experiences within and after the Big Brother house.

She expressed her surprise at the hostility and hate directed toward her, especially considering her status as a former winner turned All-Star contestant.

She noted that even fellow previous winners like White Money hadn’t faced similar levels of animosity.

One notable change has been Mercy Eke’s evolving relationship with Angel, a close ally during her time in the house.

Their post-Big Brother dynamic appears to have shifted, leading to speculation about the reasons behind Mercy’s decision to unfollow Angel on social media.

Notably, this situation mirrors a prior instance involving Mercy and Venita, who had unfollowed each other’s handlers due to conflicts during the competition.

The tension between their teams persisted even after leaving the house, further exemplifying the complexities of post-show relationships.

Amid the unfollowing drama, a blossoming romance between Angel and Soma has captured fans’ attention.

The chemistry between them in the Big Brother house remains strong, and both have openly expressed their affection for each other, hinting at a desire to continue their relationship beyond the show.

Soma’s declaration that he would choose Angel over the prize money if given the chance to return to the house adds a unique dimension to their connection.


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