President Tinubu A Call To Action


The high cost of living is definitely a major issue and a subject matter among Nigerians, and it’s understandable that people are becoming increasingly frustrated. Inflation has been rising rapidly, making it difficult for people to afford basic necessities like food and housing.

This is putting a strain on the already-fragile economy.
Recall that overtnews had reported how protest broked out in Minna Niger state amidst other cities in Nigeria.

It’s important for the government to take steps to address this issue, otherwise it could lead to instability and violence, like what happened in the Arab world in 2012- 2013

In a memorable record, Nigerian government shouldn’t forget what caused the Arab overthrowing of governments in the year 2012-2013 in a number of countries, including Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and Syria.

One of the main factors was rising food prices, which caused a lot of anger and frustration among the people.

The rising cost of food was particularly difficult for the poorest people in the society, who had to spend a large portion of their income just on basic necessities. Another major factor was corruption and lack of democracy.

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Many people felt that their governments were not representing their interests and were instead serving the interests of the elite and this is happening in Nigeria also.
The citizen of Nigeria are crying of hunger and which their hopes have been shattered when the citizens believes the so called “Renewed Hope”.

Nigerians have been calling on federal government intervention in the areas of their hopes so as to avoid overthrown in the Nigeria democratic system.

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