Crossdresser Bobrisky Speaks On Asking Nigerian Comedian Out


Controversial Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, has vehemently denied allegations made by comedian Bello Khabir, who claimed Bobrisky once asked him out.

During his appearance on The Esther Show podcast, comedian Bello Khabir asserted that Bobrisky is gay and had propositioned him.

Khabir mentioned receiving advances from numerous individuals in the LGBTQ+ community after portraying a female character in one of his comedic sketches.

He said, “Bobrisky moved to [approached] me. That was a long time ago. I think it was 2017, 2018. I can’t remember vividly.

“When you’re talking about the Pamela, Mama Felicia thing, there’s a whole lot [of] story behind that character because it’s a feminine character. So I got some ridiculous approaches from them; I don’t know if I should mention them. They are alphabet people.”

Responding on Instagram, Bobrisky posted a screenshot of Khabir’s DM request, accusing the comedian of seeking clout.

Bobrisky dismissed Khabir’s career, stating it died a long time ago, and emphasized his own class and standards in response to the accusations.

He wrote, “My lawyer sent me this stupid boy’s lie on one dead podcast, and I was just laughing hard.

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“Your career is dead a long time ago, I’m sure that’s why you think you can use Bob for clout. I’m happy he mentioned 2017. Guys, this is the last chat I can remember I had with that guy before blocking him. He has been on my block list since 2017. Those of you real followers will know that my page has always been private. Baba kept sending me requests; probably he was asking for something I can’t really remember.

“If a billionaire dude says Mummy of Lagos wants him, honestly, I’m never going to argue, but a broke n*gga like that one with beards like he-goat, naaa. I’m too classy for that trash.”

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