I blocked Davido because of how he treated me – Korra Obidi


Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi has revealed the shocking mistreatment she endured at the after-party of Davido and Chris Brown following the Grammy Awards.

Despite Davido’s three Grammy nominations, the celebratory mood turned sour for Korra as she shared her unfortunate encounter.

Korra explained that, with the assistance of one of Davido’s assistants, she obtained a pass to the star-studded after-party.

During the event, she had a brief and polite interaction with Davido and enjoyed a close-up view of Chris Brown.

However, her night took a distressing turn when a security guard abruptly ordered her to leave the party.

Expressing her shock, Korra detailed how the security personnel, who had been giving her strange vibes throughout the evening, forcibly escorted her out without her jacket or belongings.

This expulsion allegedly occurred in full view of Chris Brown and Davido, adding to the emotional distress for Korra.

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Despite her objections, she found herself outside in the bitter cold, unable to control her tears.

The incident haunted her for several nights, prompting her to embark on a blocking campaign, severing all connections related to the traumatic experience, including Davido.

Korra disclosed that she had chosen to unblock Davido after he reached out to her.

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