You Have No Business Getting Married If You’re Jobless – Jimmy Odukoya Tells Men


Fountain of Life Church leader has emphasized on the importance of work in a man’s life.

In a Sunday sermon titled ‘What Is Love?’ at the Fountain of Life Church, Senior Pastor Jimmy Odukoya shared a perspective on marriage, stating that men without jobs should not consider getting married.

Odukoya emphasized the fundamental role of work in a man’s purpose, asserting that marriage should only be entertained if one is actively employed.

“As a man, you must be doing something. You must be working. God created man and he put him to work,” said Odukoya.

He stressed that a man finds purpose in his work, citing the biblical example of Adam being placed in the garden to tend and keep it.

The pastor urged men without jobs to focus on their work before considering marriage.

“A man cannot be thinking of marriage if he doesn’t have work, just stop,” Odukoya emphasized, highlighting the importance of a man’s dedication to his work.

Moreover, Odukoya advised women to marry a person with clearly defined aspirations and encouraged them to marry “kinetic” rather than potential.

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“Marry a man that you can tell by what he is doing that he is going somewhere,” he added.

Jimmy Odukoya assumed the role of senior pastor at Fountain of Life Church in September 2023, succeeding his father, Taiwo Odukoya, who passed away in August 2023.

Despite his pastoral duties, Odukoya also continues to pursue a career in Nollywood, expressing his intention to balance acting with his role as a lead pastor.

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