Fatal Crash on Lagos/Ibadan Expressway Leaves Five Dead and Ten Injured


Multiple road crashes along the Lagos/Ibadan expressway, near NASFAT, have resulted in a devastating toll, with five lives lost and ten individuals sustaining serious injuries.

According to Florence Okpe, the Chief Routes Commander and Education Officer of the Ogun state sector of the Federal Roads Safety Corps (FRSC), the tragic incident involved three vehicles.

The primary cause of the crash is believed to be dangerous driving behavior, particularly by one of the trucks involved. Reportedly, the truck made a sudden U-turn without signaling, catching the vehicle behind off-guard and leading to a loss of control for both the truck and a bus.

“The crash occurred at about 0956hrs on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway around NASFAT,” Okpe stated. “A total of 15 individuals were involved, with ten suffering serious injuries and five tragically losing their lives.” The vehicles involved were identified as a DAF TRUCK with registration number KUT561ZZ, a TOYOTA HAICE BUS with registration number GGE84YF, and a third vehicle, a Man diesel truck, which lacked visible registration information”.

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Fatal Crash on Lagos/Ibadan Expressway Leaves Five Dead and Ten Injured 4

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In the aftermath of the collision, the injured victims were promptly transported to Famobi Hospital Mowe for urgent medical care, while the deceased were respectfully transferred to Idera Hospital morgue in Sagamu.

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Meanwhile,Anthony UGA issued a stern warning to motorists regarding the dangers of speeding and reckless driving. He emphasized that drivers involved in crashes resulting in loss of life would face immediate prosecution, underscoring the importance of accountability in ensuring road safety.

However,Mr. Uga expressed deep sorrow over the recurring crashes, particularly along the corridor axis, and urged motorists to prioritize safety by avoiding speeding and adopting defensive driving practices.

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