Terry G Calls Out Timaya Over Unpaid Royalties, Threatens to Spill Secrets


Renowned singer Terry G has taken to his Instagram page to publicly call out fellow artiste Timaya for allegedly withholding his producer publishing royalties.

In a social media post, Terry G expressed his frustration, stating that the more he hears artistes speak up on podcasts, the stronger his resolve becomes to voice his concerns.

Terry G issued a warning, declaring that when he eventually decides to speak out, the metaphorical table will be used for firewood, suggesting impending chaos.

He boldly demanded his rightful 50% producer publishing royalties from Timaya and other artists, emphasizing that he won’t be silent about being used and dumped.

He said:

“Looking at all the podcasts and disclosure artists speaking up, the day I go talk my own, the table will be used for firewood. If you know I produced this song for you, I need my 50% producer publishing royalties from Himaya and others. But all the producers out there use me as an example of how they use and dump greatness. But still, I rise.”

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In January 2024, Terry G had previously highlighted his impact in the music industry, vowing to withstand the test of time.

He lamented being cheated out of royalties and stressed the importance of being business-savvy in the music world.

However, recent reports indicated that the Afrobeat singer had announced his decision to quit music, citing a lack of success in the industry.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Terry G reflected on his longstanding musical journey, expressing that it was time to bow out gracefully.

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