Abure denounces picketing of LP’s headquarters as a ‘show of rascality’


The Labour Party (LP) and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), LP Chairman Julius Abure denounced the picketing of the party’s headquarters as an abuse of power and an act of political motivation ahead of their national convention.

The NLC’s accusations of an “illegal convention” orchestrated by Abure to consolidate power or appoint allies drew sharp criticism from him, characterizing the NLC’s actions as a display of rascality and a breach of the law.

“What we saw in the Labour Party was a show of rascality, an abuse of office, an abuse of the laws of the land. The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is a subject of law. The Nigeria Labour Congress under the leadership of Joe Ajaero is not above the law,” he stated.”

“The law precludes Joe Ajaero and the leadership of the NLC to do what they did today to the office of the Labour Party where they besieged the office, broke the office, destroyed the faces of the office, unlawfully took possession of the secretariat and destroyed properties worth billions of naira.

Meanwhile,Abure highlighted the destruction of property and the unlawful takeover of the LP secretariat, emphasizing that the NLC, under Joe Ajaero’s leadership, is not exempt from legal constraints.

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He emphasized the clear legal boundaries that prohibit the NLC from picketing an organization that does not employ its members, asserting that the LP is not the employer of the NLC.

“This is unfortunate, this is unrealistic and the laws are very clear that you cannot picket an organisation that does not have your workers. We are not the employers of the Nigeria Labour Congress and therefore, they have no legitimacy to picket our office.”

However,The LP Chairman emphasized the importance for the NLC to prioritize negotiating improved working conditions and welfare for the average Nigerian worker.

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