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Actress Habibat Jinad Accepts Colleague Wumi Toriola’s Apology After Five-Year Feud


In a heartwarming turn of events, actress Habibat Jinad has graciously accepted the apology extended by her colleague, Wumi Toriola, ending their five-year rift of unknown origins.

Wumi took to social media to publicly express her regret for the prolonged estrangement, sharing a touching photo of Jinad as she reflected on their past friendship.

Confessing to keeping tabs on Jinad’s life through social media, Wumi revealed that she often found herself peeking at Jinad’s Instagram page, particularly to catch glimpses of her newborn, Okikiola.

In response, Habibat expressed her surprise at Wumi’s recent follow on Instagram and promptly reciprocated, initiating a conversation that led to their reconciliation.

Reflecting on the significance of the moment, Jinad shared her gratitude for answered prayers, as she had fervently wished for peace and unity to prevail, especially as she approached her 40th birthday milestone.

Emphasizing the importance of fostering love and unity, Jinad highlighted the fleeting nature of time, underscoring the need for reconciliation and harmony among all.

Habibat wrote:

Let me quickly drop this here, “@wumitoriola and I have not been talking for the past 5 years; if you ask us what happened, we don’t know.

“To cut the long story short, I saw her following me today on Instagram, and I was surprised. And I had to follow back and send her a DM, and she responded.

“Although I’ve prayed to Almighty God that I want to celebrate my 40th birthday in peace with everyone, and God answers prayers.

“We are not getting younger anymore. We all need peace, love and unity within us all. Much love, @wumitoriola”.


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