Actress Lizzy Gold Reveals She’s Never Experienced Heartbreak

Actress Lizzy Gold

In a candid Instagram post on Monday, renowned actress Lizzy Gold disclosed that she has never encountered heartbreak.

The Warri-born star, renowned for her resilience, humorously likened her heart to “Kpomo,” a tough cow skin, indicating her unyielding nature.

Gold hinted at her proactive approach to relationships, suggesting she’s adept at walking away before her partner could end things.

In her own words, “My heart is made of Kpomo… before you think of serving me breakfast I have already served you.”

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The actress emphasized her ability to love fiercely, stating, “I don’t love with my head.. I love with my shoulders so if you try to misbehave I will just drop you.” She further revealed her knack for moving on swiftly and erasing memories effortlessly.

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Gold, known for her discretion regarding personal matters, shared her condolences with those currently grappling with heartbreak.

The actress, a single mother of two, maintains a low profile on social media, keeping her private life out of the spotlight.

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