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Adanma Luke Denies Allegations of Neglecting Junior Pope and Crew Families After Tragic Boat Accident


Actress and movie producer Adanma Luke has come forward to refute allegations of neglecting the families of Junior Pope and others who tragically lost their lives in a recent boat accident.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Adanma addressed the accusations, stating that she and her team have been actively involved in providing support to the affected families.

She emphasized that they have been working diligently to ensure the proper burial of the deceased and have been cooperating with authorities in their investigations.

Adanma clarified that funds have been allocated for various expenses, including burial arrangements, divers, fuel for search operations, and other related costs.

She also mentioned that arrangements were made for the departure of ambulances to the homes of the deceased crew members.

Additionally, Adanma stated that agreements were reached with the families regarding burial rituals, some of which involved laying the loved ones to rest near water, in accordance with their beliefs.

In response to the allegations, Adanma pledged to provide detailed evidence and video proof of their actions since the tragic incident occurred.

The boat accident, which occurred on April 10, claimed the lives of actor Junior Pope, make-up artist Abigail Frederick, and production crew members Friday, Olanti, and Precious.

They drowned in the Anam River while returning from the set of the movie “Another Side of Life,” produced by Adanma Luke.


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