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Angela Okorie Speaks On Having Mental Breakdown


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By Doris Israel Ijeoma

Popular Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has firmly responded to social media accusations suggesting her recent outburst indicates a mental breakdown.

The actress, known for her candidness, recently voiced her grievances with fellow actors Mercy Johnson and Zubby Michael, accusing Johnson of witchcraft and criticizing Michael for not acknowledging their late colleague, Junior Pope.

On Tuesday, May 21, Okorie took to her Instagram stories to address the accusations, expressing frustration with those doubting her integrity and labeling her as mentally unstable. She insisted her statements are based on truth, not malice.

“I block haters and reply to people who love me on comment sections sometimes. I am human. I don’t fu*k with haters. This time I don’t care anymore. These people have labeled me who I am not for a long time,” Okorie wrote.

“Now is the time! So if you think I’m lying in all I am saying, fu*k you. I have no reason to lie or speak against people who didn’t do me wrong. I have seen life and death,” she asserted.

Okorie emphasized her authenticity and kind-hearted nature, urging people to judge her based on feedback from those who truly know her.

“Everyone who has crossed me in life will tell you I am a sweet soul. Fu*k haters; they’re gonna keep lying. Ask about me from people who love me, not people who hate me or from people who are intimidated by just seeing me.”

“I am the realest amongst all. I am humble, a giver, and my heart is the most beautiful you can ever imagine. A very pure soul, I am always happy, living life, and I am very respectful. You can verify this from people who genuinely know and love me.”

She continued, “If you know me, I can literally do anything for you as a human being to be happy. In fact, you are missing out if you haven’t met me in real life. I am a joy giver. But if you do me bad, you’re gonna hate me forever. I will make sure of that. I forgive, but I don’t forget!”


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