Asake Reacts After Losing Grammy Awards Nomination


Afrobeats sensation, Asake, has opened up about his recent Grammy nomination loss, expressing his lack of seriousness towards the prestigious award.

Despite losing out to South Africa’s Tyla, Asake said he remains optimistic about future nominations.

In an exclusive interview with GQ magazine, the ‘Mr Money With The Vibe’ singer disclosed that he didn’t take the nominations seriously and views the experience as an opportunity for growth.

Asake hinted at the possibility of securing more nominations in the future and even winning, emphasizing that his focus remains on his music and connecting with his audience.

“It [Grammy loss] is not a loss for me. I might just get more next year. In my head, I was not even taking it too seriously.”

Regarding his upcoming sophomore album, ‘Work Of Art,’ Asake shared that it serves as a platform for fans to understand him better, shedding light on his personal journey and experiences.

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He said:

“People don’t really know me because I’m quiet.

“So everybody started seeing me as mystery. ‘Work of Art’ is just for them to know me. You have to understand I’m human, but you can’t just deny the heart in me.”

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