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Assault by Patient Forces Actress Lola Alao to Leave Caregiver Job in Canada


In a recent interview with fellow actor Kunle Afod, actress Lola Alao revealed how an assault by a patient led her to quit her job as a caregiver in Canada.

The incident prompted her to transition into entrepreneurship, opening a clothing business.

Alao emphasized the importance of having a skill before relocating abroad, advising individuals to pursue professions like fashion designing, hairdressing, or cooking.

Reflecting on her own experience, she recounted being slapped by an elderly patient suffering from dementia while caring for her, which ultimately led her to leave the caregiving profession.

Following her departure from caregiving, Alao ventured into entrepreneurship, opening a boutique and a lounge named LA Lounge. Though she later shifted her business operations to selling from her house, she now plans to establish a new store for her boutique.

Alao, who began her career as an air hostess before transitioning to acting, has starred in numerous Yoruba movies, including “Alaanu Mi,” “Dokita Alabere’m,” “Ewe Koko,” and “Gbokogboko.”


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