Ayo Makun Teases Sister Over Lavish Car Gift To Husband


Renowned Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun, playfully teased his sister, Bukky Ray, for her extravagant gift of a brand new car to her husband, highlighting his brother-in-law’s contributions to her life.

In a lighthearted Instagram post, Makun joked about his sister’s gesture, advising her to steer clear of him upon her return to Nigeria, humorously lamenting his lack of similar treatment despite his support for her.

Makun reminisced about his brother-in-law’s efforts in relocating his sister to the US, establishing her as his wife and mother of their child, supporting her education, and helping her become a qualified nurse.

The comedian jokingly hinted at expectations for his own milestone birthdays, suggesting that his sister’s husband will make up for any missed gestures on Makun’s part.

Amidst the jest, Makun extended congratulations to his brother-in-law and cheekily hinted at receiving lavish gifts from women in the future.

He wrote:

“Love is such a wonderful thing. My amiable inlaw turned brother made some great sacrifices in relocating my younger sister @bukkyray to the US. Got her established as his wife and mother of their beautiful daughter Zaye. Encouraged and supported her to further her studies, too. Today, this trained nurse gifted her husband a Benz of inestimable value for his 50th birthday. So proud of you, sister.

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“Whatever you have refused to do for me on my own 50th after contributing to your life in Nigeria, I know my capable in-law will do it when I turn 60.

“For now, just avoid me when you come to Nigeria. Hisssssssss… Congratulations, inlaw, enjoy this setup from your wife. You go pay tire. Come and ask some of us who collected big gifts from women”.

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