Ayuba Wabba Affirms NLC Owns Labour Party


On Wednesday, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) staged a protest at the Labour Party’s national secretariat, calling for the dismissal of the party’s Chairman, Julius Abure.

Contrary to Abure’s assertion that the party operates independently, former NLC President Ayuba Wabba affirmed that the Labour Party was established by the NLC as a platform for its members to uphold and advocate for their rights.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Wabba underscored the foundational principles guiding the creation of the Labour Party. He highlighted the NLC’s constitutional mandate to promote, defend, and advance the economic, political, and social rights of Nigerian workers and pensioners.

“First and foremost, the Labour Party was formed by the NLC, in the realisation of a clear objective in the Constitution of the NLC. Under Article 3 and Item 1, the major objective of the NLC is to promote, defend and advance the economic, political, and social rights and well-being of Nigerian workers and pensioners,” he stated.

According to Wabba, the Labour Party emerged as a direct manifestation of this objective, with its inception orchestrated by NLC leadership figures such as Pascal Bafyau and S.O.Z Ejiofor.

“We own the Labour Party; it was formed under the leadership of Pascal Bafyau, as Party for Social Democracy. Under Adams, organs decided to change the name to the Labour Party, and the first chairman was S.O.Z Ejiofor who later handed over to Dan Anyanwu.

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Meanwhile,Under the leadership of Pascal Bafyau, the Labour Party was initially established as the Party for Social Democracy, with subsequent changes made under Adams Oshiomhole resulting in its current name. S.O.Z Ejiofor served as the first chairman, eventually passing the baton to Dan Anyanwu.

The primary objective behind the formation of the party was to provide a platform for workers, pensioners, and farmers to exercise their constitutional rights, as enshrined in Section 40.

Notably, the Labour Party was not only formed by the NLC but also registered under its auspices, akin to building a house and retaining ownership interest.

However,On Wednesday, the NLC stormed the Labour Party’s national secretariat to protest the party’s planned national convention scheduled for the end of the month and to demand the removal of the party’s Chairman.

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