Bandit Attack Claims Village Head and 20 Lives in Niger Community


In a devastating assault on the Madaka community within the Rafi local government area of Niger State, suspected bandits have wrought havoc.

Armed and unrelenting, the assailants descended upon the village with merciless gunfire, indiscriminately snuffing out lives. Among the tragic toll of this onslaught are no fewer than 21 individuals, including the village head.

Despite the harrowing events that unfolded around 3 pm on Thursday, amidst the bustling activity of the community market, the residents have shown remarkable courage and solidarity.

Reports from the scene paint a picture of utter chaos, with approximately 50 residences engulfed in flames and several commercial establishments reduced to charred remnants.

Meanwhile,the once-vibrant market, a hub of activity and livelihood for the villagers, now lies in ashes, serving as a grim reminder of the brutality inflicted upon the community.

Alhaji Isah Bawale, a respected district head, verified the harrowing events in a somber telephone interview from Minna, the state capital. This tragedy marks a chilling recurrence, as the community had previously weathered a similar assault years ago, resulting in the untimely demise of a former district head.

Alarmingly, Madaka has languished without adequate security presence since that fateful day, leaving its inhabitants vulnerable to the whims of marauding bandits who have since operated with impunity.

Moreso,Efforts to seek clarification and assurance from the Niger State Command of Police, through the Public Relations Officer SP Wasiu Abiodun,have been met with promises of verification and follow-up. While the Niger State Government is yet to make an official statement, concerns are mounting regarding the safety and security of vulnerable communities like Madaka.

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However,the Northern Senators Forum has condemned the recent wave of violence and kidnappings in the region.

In a statement released by its Chairman Senator Abdulaziz Yar’adua,in Abuja on Thursday,he vowed to spare no effort in pursuing a lasting solution to this menace.

We would not “rest until the security situation is significantly improved and the perpetrators of these heinous acts are brought to justice.”

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Moreover,Yar’adua, who recently assumed the role of Chairman of the Forum after Senator Abdul Ningi’s resignation due to his three-month suspension by the Senate, emphasized that the recent wave of violence and kidnappings in the North is a major concern for the Northern Senators Forum.

However,He affirmed that the Forum is dedicated to pursuing a lasting solution to this menace and will spare no effort in ensuring it is brought to a halt.

“The series of events that have unfolded in Kaduna State, beginning with the kidnapping of 286 students and staff from a school on March 7th, the despicable attack on worshippers in a mosque on March 8th, the abduction of 61 more persons on March 12th, followed by 14 individuals on March 17th, and a staggering total of 87 individuals in Kujuru on March 18th, amongst others, are not only reprehensible but demand urgent and resolute action,” the statement read in part.

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