Bella Okagbue Sparks Breakup Rumor by Deleting All Photos of Sheggz Amidst ‘Obsession’ Claims


Reality TV star Bella Okagbue has ignited rumors of a breakup with her boyfriend, Sheggz Olusemo, after erasing all traces of him from her social media, fueling speculation regarding the stability of their relationship.

The former BBNaija ‘Level Up’ contestant, who recently journeyed to the UK to be with her partner, has raised doubts about the future of their romance.

At present, a scrutiny of Bella’s Instagram profile reveals a conspicuous absence of any imagery featuring Sheggz, with the sole exception being a sponsored post she relocated to her reels section.

Conversely, Sheggz has retained images of the couple on his own Instagram account.

Notably, he refrained from publicly acknowledging Bella’s recent endorsement deal renewal with Royal Hairs.

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Bella’s actions have incited a flurry of online discourse, with some expressing hopes for the couple’s reconciliation amidst concerns over Bella’s alleged obsession with Sheggz, which has been purported to dominate her online content.

Opinions varied among online commentators, with some expressing skepticism over the relationship’s longevity, while others urged Bella to seek happiness elsewhere.

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