Bella Shmurda Calls for Respect towards Afrobeats Amid Controversy Sparked by Burna Boy and Wizkid


In an episode of the London 90 podcast, Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda addressed the ongoing controversy surrounding Afrobeats, urging his colleagues not to downgrade the genre with derogatory remarks.

The controversy erupted after Burna Boy and Wizkid made comments disowning Afrobeats, with Burna Boy emphasizing that he does Afrofusion and not Afrobeats, while Wizkid expressed his reluctance to be labeled solely as an Afrobeats artist.

Shmurda, who had remained silent on the issue for a while, finally spoke up, emphasizing the importance of respecting Afrobeats as a genre bestowed upon Nigerian artists by God.

He stated, “We artistes should respect Afrobeats. This is our genre, we can’t downgrade it. No matter your level in the music industry, you can’t downgrade this thing that God has given us.”

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His remarks come as a call for unity and appreciation of the cultural heritage embedded in Afrobeats, amidst ongoing discussions about its evolution and representation in the global music scene.

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