Bobrisky Loses ‘Best-Dressed Female’ Award


In a surprising turn of events, renowned crossdresser Bobrisky has been dethroned from the ‘best-dressed female’ title bestowed upon him at a recent movie premiere in Lagos.

The premiere of ‘Ajakaju: Beast of Two Worlds’ held at Circle Mall, Lekki, witnessed a contentious moment when movie producer Femi Adebayo Salami announced Bobrisky as the winner of the coveted prize accompanied by a N1 million reward.

However, the decision triggered a storm of debates online, with both celebrities and fans questioning the fairness of the selection process.

Actress Dayo Amusa and Omotayo Sanusi, Adebayo’s wife, engaged in a heated exchange, while Portable, a controversial singer, criticized Bobrisky, labeling him a “disgrace to brotherhood.”

Attempting to quell the uproar, filmmaker Eniola Ajao issued a public apology on Instagram, emphasizing her respect for women and clarifying that the award was a publicity stunt for the movie.

To rectify the situation, Ajao announced two new winners for the ‘best-dressed female’ category, each receiving N1 million as a gesture of apology and appreciation for their elegance and grace.

Her statement reads: “I address you all today, taking full responsibility and seeking your pardon with my deepest regrets for the distress and turmoil caused by the events surrounding the selection of Best Dressed at the premiere of “AJAKAJU.

“First, I want to extend my sincerest apologies to the Muslim community, especially during this sacred month of Ramadan.

“To the women in our society, I want to express my profound apologies. As a woman myself, I understand the importance of upholding and honouring our gender with dignity and respect. I want to assure you that I hold the utmost reverence for womanhood, and I would never intentionally engage in any behaviour that diminishes or disparages the role of women in our society.

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“I also extend my heartfelt apologies to My honourable and supportive boss Femi Adebayo @femiadebayosalami and his wife, @iyanaladuke and @dayoamusa, for the undue backlash they faced as a result of the announcement made at our event. I deeply regret the insults and disrespect directed towards them, and I take full responsibility for any harm caused.

“To Bobrisky @bobrisky222, I offer my sincere apologies for putting you in a difficult position. The decision to award you was never meant to cause harm or controversy but was rather an attempt to generate publicity for our movie. I am truly sorry for any distress this may have caused you.

“To make amends and correct my mistakes, I have decided to honour two females, Bode Alao and one other beautiful woman, as the best-dressed females at the premiere. Each will receive a sum of N1,000,000.”

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