By_ Awoyale Sarah


Females are emotional beings, we are the weaker vessels(1 Peter 3:7). During my school days, I heard that a man can cheat on his female partner but the latter can’t do it. I asked why. Why is it that? We are all humans, cheating is a choice. They made me understand that women cheat with emotions. They engage in any activities with a guy on their feelings, they grow their feelings. That didn’t make sense to me because men also have feelings so why can’t they be like us? I did my research on it and it was the same. I am still skeptical about this because cheating is a choice. A man can cheat and a woman can also do the same. I am not telling you to cheat but rather work on yourself. If it is not working for you, call it off after all it is just a relationship. Cheating is a choice caused by some reasons like;

Unaddressed insecurities or fears.
Lack of emotional intimacy.
Unmet needs or desires.
Poor communication.

Cheating can be avoided, it is not a must-have habit. You can control yourself. Do you think there are no disadvantages in cheating? There are;
Spiritual, Emotional and Physical aspects.

Spiritual: Do you know that sleeping with different partners can hinder your destiny or progress in life. There are biblical laws regarding adultery and fornication. Do we give a fuck? No, but that’s the truth. I have read a story on the Internet where a guy slept with a lady and that was it. He noticed things started falling gradually, his wins were held back, it was so traumatic for him that he avoided repeating that act. Through fervent prayers, he was rescued. I am sure there are other cases of spiritual stories but I can tell you that it is. The best thing you could do for yourself is to have control and be prayerful.

Emotional: Trust me, there will be emotions involved. Let me use myself as an example, I am an emotional person but I have trained my emotions. I can decide to be in a relationship with multiple guys. By doing so, I am sharing my emotions with different guys. At the end of the day, I might not know how to differentiate a guy that has a clean intention towards me to a guy who’s up for a fling. Eventually, it all comes up to nothing, you will just get tired of everything.

Physical: Today, a lady goes for a man just to pursue material things. There’s an exchange, let me say ‘trade by barter’, for a lady everything is based on money but for a man, it is the physical assets. I am not saying there shouldn’t be money involved in a relationship but don’t make your relationship all about money, work on having a lasting relationship.

That is happening In the society we live in today, the youths(Gen-z) are making waves in the cheating aspect. It has already become a habit, we are not serious with what we want. It has made us blind.

As human beings, we all have different sexual orientations. Let me talk about females.

Some females prefer to jump around with guys, having an active sexual life while some prefer to stick around with a guy till a breakup. I am placing myself in the latter part. This is my story:

As a girl child, I grew up with the understanding that you have to practice any sexual activity with your husband. I was told the dangers of fornication, and read the biblical laws concerning that . Don’t judge me because we are all kind of guilty of the cheating disaster.
I heard of a story where a girl was dating a guy. He was a chronic cheat, the babe knows about it but she waved it and gave the guy a lot of chances. Did the guy change? No, he didn’t. He chose the path of adultery and his relationship was on the edge till it dissolved.

Do not be a cheating partner, work on yourself and you will see the benefits of being loyal.


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