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Dangote Petroleum Refinery Slashes Diesel and Aviation Fuel Prices to N940 and N980 per Litre


Dangote Petroleum Refinery has once again announced a further decrease in the prices of both diesel and aviation fuel to N940 and N980 per litre, respectively. 

This follows its recent celebrated reduction to N1,000 just two weeks ago.

The new pricing of N940 applies to customers purchasing five million litres and above, while the price of N970 is for those buying one million litres and above.

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According to Mr. Anthony Chiejina, the Head of Communication, this adjustment reflects the company’s dedication to alleviating the economic challenges in Nigeria.

Chiejina said, “I can confirm to you that Dangote Petroleum Refinery has entered a strategic partnership with MRS Oil and Gas stations, to ensure that consumers get to buy fuel at affordable price, in all their stations be it Lagos or Maiduguri. You can buy as low as 1 litre of diesel at N1,050 and aviation fuel at N980 at all major airports where MRS operates.”

He further mentioned that the partnership will be extended to other major oil marketers as well.

“The essence of this is to ensure that retail buyers do not buy at exorbitant prices. The Dangote Group is committed to ensuring that Nigerians have a better welfare and as such, we are happy to announce these new prices and hope that it would go a long way to cushion the effect of economic challenges in the country,” he added.

Overtnews recalls that the management of Dangote Petroleum Refinery recently announced another significant reduction in the price of diesel, from N1200 to N1,000 per litre, just two weeks ago.

This marks the third substantial reduction in diesel prices in less than three weeks. Previously, the product was sold between N1,700 to N1,200 per litre, before further reducing to N1,000, and now N940.

Additionally, aviation fuel is now priced at N980 per litre. Nigerian President Bola Tinubu had previously commended Mr. Dangote for the initial price reduction, hailing it as an “enterprising feat.”

Reacting to the latest development, the Director General of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Mr Ajayi Kadiri, said that, “The decision of Dangote Refinery to first crash the price from about N1,750/litre to N1,200/litre, N1,000/litre and now N940 is an eloquent demonstration of the capacity of local industries to positively impact the fortunes of the national economy.”

He added that, “The trickle down effect of this singular intervention promises to change the dynamics in the energy cost equation of the country, in the midst of inadequate and rising cost of electricity.

“The reduction will have far-reaching effects in critical sectors like industrial operations, transportation, logistics, and agriculture, contributing to easing the high inflation rate in the country; a lot of companies will be back in operation.”


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