Edo 2024: Prof. Akhaine, an APC Aspirant, withdraws from the governorship primary and cites imbalances


One of the aspirant for governor of Edo State on September 21st, Prof. Sylvester Akhaine of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has declared that his campaign will be put on hold until further notice.

According to a story published on Overtnews on Saturday, the All Progressives Congress (APC)’s seven-member National Gubernatorial Aspirants Screening Committee cleared 12 candidates, including Prof. Akhaine, to compete in the party’s February 17 primary for the September election.

Prof. Felix Oriakhi, the director general of the Sylvester Odion Akhaine Campaign Organization, announced his suspension in a statement made accessible to Overtnews barely six days before the primary.

“We embarked on intense consultations and meetings with key political actors and the All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwarts in Edo State in the last eight months ahead of the gubernatorial election scheduled for September 21, 2024,” the statement said.

“Our involvement in the political process went above and beyond what many people do on a daily basis through different channels. Our organization’s comprehensive analysis of Edo State’s issues, which covered infrastructure, security, healthcare, education, culture and tourism, agriculture, and job development, served as our inspiration. The agenda was divided into seven sections. These sector-specific issues were supported by practical, workable solutions”.

“Additionally, our mission to assist in guiding the state’s course was founded on the conviction that social justice and equity will prevail over the state’s current distorted governance system, which has marginalized the Edo Central Senatorial District since 1999 in favor of other regions of the state. In this regard, our claim considers carefully any spurious reasons that contradict it. Despite sharing a similar ancestry, maintaining the existing quo mentioned above will only further split our state and undermine development ambitions”.

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“Statecraft has long used consociational tactics to solve concerns of neglect and identity elsewhere in the world. Taking the Edo people’s unity for granted would have a significant impact on the electoral success of In the upcoming election, APC”.

“Nigerians are poor now as a result of the numerous poorly thought out policies implemented by succeeding administrations. Enhancement can be achieved by establishing development enclaves, a task that our nominee, Prof. Akhaine, is clearly capable of performing. Our party must show that it will nominate candidates devoid of dubious backgrounds”.

As a result, “our organization has decided to suspend its participation in the current run-up to the party primaries until further notice on behalf of Prof. Akhaine.”

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