Eniola Badmus, Lege Miami Engage in Heated Fight Over Matchmaking Services


Eniola Badmus, the renowned actress, and Lege Miami, the popular entertainer, have found themselves embroiled in a bitter dispute over a matchmaking service.

Lege, known for his matchmaking show on YouTube, recently alleged that Badmus had availed herself of his services but criticized her for being overly selective in her choices.

In a widely circulated voice note, Badmus retaliated vehemently, lambasting Lege’s comments and admonishing him for his handling of the matchmaking process.

She went on to advise him to acquaint himself with the appropriate protocols of matchmaking if he lacked the necessary understanding.

“Hello Lege, it is like your brain is messy, what do you mean no one should look for your trouble? Who is your grandmother? Who are you? I am saying you have to be discreet about what you are doing,” she said.

“You are doing a matchmaking, if you do not know rules, f**king go online and Google rules about it. How dare you put my name out there saying Eniola is picky. You are mad!”

Responding to Badmus’s outburst, Lege questioned whether she had paid for a private session and made disparaging remarks about her appearance.

The exchange escalated further as Lege questioned Badmus’s mental state and distanced himself from her.

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“Eniola Badmus did you pay for a private session? Did you tell me you did not want anyone to know? You are not alright and you will be well soon,” he said.

“You know I used to respect you, I am now running away from you. Did I post the video we made in Abuja? Are you a fool? Wule bantu, you are shapeless”.

Badmus, a prominent figure in the Nigerian movie industry since 2008, has earned accolades for her performances in various Nollywood productions.

Lege Miami, on the other hand, is recognized for his work as a singer and Yoruba actor.

In 2021, he ventured into the realm of matchmaking with the launch of his platform, ‘Singles Hookup and Matchmaking’.

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