FG And Its Inconsistencies In Rescue Efforts Of Kidnapped Victims: A Question Of Transparency


The issue of kidnapping and hostage-taking in Nigeria has become a disturbing trend, with the Federal Government often making claims about successful rescues without the payment of ransom.

However, it has been repeatedly revealed that negotiations and, in many cases, ransom payments play a crucial role in securing the release of kidnapped individuals. This inconsistent narrative has raised questions about the transparency and honesty of the government’s communication with the public.

The government’s insistence on portraying these incidents as successful operations without ransom payments, while simultaneously acknowledging negotiations with the kidnappers, undermines public trust and raises concerns about the true nature of these so-called rescues.If federal government is sincere in what they have been claiming then they are aiding and abating the kidnapers if not what stops the government from arresting them and punish them accordingly.

By downplaying or denying the role of ransom payments in securing the release of hostages, the government not only misleads the public but also fails to address the root causes of kidnapping and insecurity in the country. It is essential for the government to be transparent about its strategies and actions in dealing with such criminal activities to foster trust and accountability.

Furthermore, the failure to hold kidnappers accountable after negotiations and releases sends a dangerous message that crime can be lucrative and perpetrators can escape justice.

This lack of deterrence only emboldens criminals and perpetuates a cycle of violence and lawlessness.

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The government’s reluctance to openly acknowledge the realities of negotiating with kidnappers and the possible payment of ransom reflects a broader issue of credibility and transparency in its approach to addressing insecurity and criminality in Nigeria.

Without honest and forthright communication with the public, the government risks losing credibility and undermining its efforts to combat kidnapping and other forms of criminal activity effectively.

It is imperative for the government to prioritize truthfulness, accountability, and proactive measures in combating kidnapping and insecurity.

By recognizing the challenges and complexities involved in addressing such issues and engaging in open dialogue with the public, the government can begin to rebuild trust and work towards sustainable solutions to tackle the root causes of kidnapping and violence in Nigeria.

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