FIFA and UEFA Demand Transparency: Spanish Federation Under Scrutiny in Corruption Probe


FIFA and UEFA have jointly reached out to the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) following recent arrests in a corruption investigation in Spain.

The letter, addressed to Pedro Rocha, president of the RFEF’s management committee, expresses their concern and requests further details regarding the allegations and individuals under investigation.

FIFA Secretary General Mattias Grafstrom and UEFA General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis are seeking clarification on the nature of the allegations and the parties involved, as reported by Reuters.

The recent firing of two executives by the RFEF, allegedly linked to a multimillion-euro corruption probe, has drawn attention from FIFA and UEFA.

Amidst police searches at the RFEF headquarters and former President Luis Rubiales’ residence, along with seven arrests related to a deal involving the relocation of the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, questions surrounding the integrity of the organization have arisen.

Rubiales has consistently denied any involvement in wrongdoing. FIFA and UEFA are seeking details on the ongoing investigation’s progress and anticipated actions.

Spain’s role as a co-host for the 2030 World Cup, alongside Portugal and Morocco, adds significance to the situation, despite the RFEF grappling with various off-field challenges in recent times.

In September, Luis Rubiales resigned as RFEF president, and shortly after, FIFA banned him from all football activities for three years due to allegations of kissing player Jenni Hermoso without consent after Spain’s women’s World Cup victory.

Rubiales contested the ban, claiming the act was consensual, but faces a prosecutor’s request for a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence. Despite Rubiales’s appeal being dismissed by FIFA in January, the legal battle continues.

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Additionally, Pedro Rocha was asked about convening an Extraordinary General Assembly to elect a new president for the remaining term, as Rubiales was re-elected unopposed in September 2020 for a four-year tenure.

On Wednesday, the RFEF announced its intention to comply with the Management Committee’s request for the initiation of a forensic audit concerning “any type of contract that may be under suspicion” as a result of Luis Rubiales’s actions.

This move reflects the organization’s commitment to transparency and accountability in light of recent developments.

Rocha said in a statement it was “essential to separate and disassociate the institution from the alleged criminal conduct of individuals.”

“We will stop at nothing to purge any existing questionable conduct,” he added.

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