Flood Hits Lagos, NEMA Responds Swiftly to Alleviate Impact


Lagos faced significant challenges on Tuesday as heavy rainfall triggered flooding across the city, leaving many residents stranded in their homes and vehicles.

The torrential downpour, following months of scorching heat waves, submerged major roads and affected numerous houses, disrupting daily life for many.

Despite the widespread flooding, there were no reported casualties or injuries, providing a sense of relief amid the chaos.

Ibrahim Farinloye, the South West Coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), emphasized the importance of proactive disaster preparedness in light of the recent events.

Farinloye highlighted NEMA’s swift response to the flood, conducting preliminary assessments and evacuating affected communities to ensure their safety. In areas such as Oke Ishagun, Isale Aboru, Ikola Community, and others, houses were impacted, prompting coordinated relief efforts by NEMA and other relevant agencies.

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However,Farinloye urged Nigerians to prioritize disaster risk reduction strategies and maintain clear drainage to mitigate the impact of future floods. He also called on Community Development Associations to play a proactive role in fostering safer environments within their neighborhoods.

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