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Ghanaian Police Detain Three Over Serwaa Amihere’s Leaked Video


Ghanaian authorities have taken three individuals into custody in connection with the leaked video involving media personality Serwaa Amihere.

Identified as Edem Saviour Ketti, Candy Love Kwakyewaa Ababio, and Henry Amponsah, also known as Henry Fitz, they are alleged to be behind the dissemination of the intimate footage.

The video, which surfaced on April 2, depicted Serwaa Amihere in a compromising situation with a man later identified as Henry Fitz.

The accused individuals are facing charges including sexual extortion and the unauthorized sharing of intimate images.

According to police reports, the charges brought against them fall under the Criminal Offenses Act 1960 and the Cybersecurity Act 2020, specifically citing conspiracy to commit a crime and sexual extortion.

In a statement released by Serwaa Amihere, she revealed that the video, recorded five years prior, was released following months of threats and extortion attempts.

Despite efforts by law enforcement, the video spread widely, causing distress to her and her associates.

Expressing regret over the incident, Amihere apologized for the fallout and acknowledged the embarrassment it caused to her family, employers, and associated brands.

She emphasized the unforeseen impact of her influence and vowed to navigate through the situation with resilience.


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