How Funny Bone Looked Down On My Career – Comedian Destalker


Nigerian comedian Oghenekowhoyan Onaibe Desmond, better known as Destalker, has opened up about the skepticism he faced early in his career.

The comedian shared that his colleague, FunnyBone, once predicted his swift exit from the comedy industry, giving him a mere six months before fading away.

He made the revelation on the Afrobeats Podcast hosted by Shopsydoo, stand-up comedian

Destalker recalled the moment when FunnyBone expressed doubts about his longevity in the industry, stating, “After I won my first Best Comedian of the Year award, my colleagues started getting jealous of me. FunnyBone said, ‘What does he feel like? Let’s give him 6 months.'”

Despite the discouraging remarks, Destalker remained undeterred, emphasizing that one cannot dictate God’s timing.

He recounted, “He didn’t know I was sitting close to him when he said it loud. He said, ‘Abeg! Six months he will go down.’ Listen, you cannot give time for what God has timed.”

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Destalker’s resilience and determination were evident as he defied the predictions, going on to win the same award for four consecutive years.

Reflecting on his journey, he remarked, “‘Let’s see if it’s God’s time or man’s time.’ I won the same award for four consecutive years.”

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