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How I gave birth to premature baby – Nina Ivy


Reality TV star Nina Ivy, known for her stint on Big Brother Naija, has opened up about her challenging childbirth experience.

In a series of Instagram posts, she recounted the harrowing moments of delivering her son prematurely in her room before being rushed to the hospital.

At just 27 weeks into her pregnancy, Nina unexpectedly went into labor while in her room in the US.

Despite the premature nature of the birth, there were no apparent signs beforehand.

Feeling a pressing urgency, Nina initially thought it was a need to relieve herself but soon realized it was the onset of labor.

In her own words, Nina described the tense moments: “There was no single drop of blood when he came out and he wasn’t even looking like a human and I was already passing out.” Fortunately, her husband was present and acted swiftly, calling 911 for assistance.

The situation escalated as her son, Denzel, was born prematurely and struggled to breathe due to the cold temperature of the room.

With quick thinking, Nina’s husband managed to cut the umbilical cord and tear the sac Denzel was in, providing immediate aid before medical help arrived.

Following the birth, Nina found herself in a precarious state, recounting waking up two weeks later.

Denzel, who was expected in July, made his early arrival in April 2020, defying the odds of survival.

Nina Ivy’s candid account sheds light on the challenges many mothers face during childbirth, emphasizing the importance of quick action and medical intervention in such critical situations.


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