How Supporting Peter Obi During 2023 Elections Caused Problems For Me – Comedian AY


During his AY Live Easter Sunday show, Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY, opened up about the challenges he faced after publicly supporting Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi in the 2023 election.

AY explained that his decision to endorse Obi was driven by a desire for positive change in Nigeria, rather than political motivations. However, he faced significant pressure to use his platform to speak out during the campaign.

The comedian revealed that following his public support for Obi, his Lagos mansion mysteriously caught fire, leading him to believe it was a consequence of his political stance.

Reflecting on his experience, AY emphasized the power and influence of the government, urging Nigerians to recognize the authority they wield and the potential consequences of challenging it.

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Despite the challenges he encountered, AY affirmed that he has no regrets about supporting Peter Obi and remains committed to advocating for positive change in Nigeria.

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He said, “I supported Peter Obi, and as I am here, I still stand before you to tell you that I don’t regret supporting Peter Obi. But na, from there, my problems started o. My house burn, your house don burn before?

“The decision I made was to support Peter Obi, not because I am a politician but because I want change and I want Nigeria to become better. No be say I be politician, I know nothing about politics, but nobody advised me. People kept saying to me, that my voice must be heard. You have over 25 million followers across all social media platforms. That’s why they heard my voice. As they hear my voice my house burnt. After God the next person you should fear and respect is government.

“Try government, they will shock you. See what happened to Very Dark Man, he was in a Very Dark cell.”

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