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How Toyin Abraham clashed with hoodlums on movie set


A video has surfaced online showcasing actress and producer Toyin Abraham engaged in a confrontation with local miscreants on the set of her latest film, “America Japa.”

Despite attempts by the area boys to intimidate her, Toyin remained resolute, speaking Yoruba and asserting her authority on the set.

The video captured the tense exchange, with the men claiming ownership of the location and demanding financial compensation.

Ultimately, Toyin chose to diffuse the situation by offering monetary appeasement, a move captured in the footage she shared on Instagram.

Commenting on the incident, Toyin emphasized the importance of understanding the street code, highlighting her ability to navigate challenging situations with a blend of cultural influences.

Captioning the video, she wrote: “To survive on the streets, you gotta know the street code. On the ‘America Japa’ set, these boys from the hood tried to test me, But hold up!! I unleashed my street A-game, a spicy blend of Ibadan, Edo, and Ogbomosho vibes. Let’s just say, they got a taste of my own street power! This one pass Abidoshaker!!”


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