Indifference Of The Sitting President

Tinubu Inflicting Pain, Suffering On Nigerians - Labour Party
Tinubu Inflicting Pain, Suffering On Nigerians - Labour Party

On the 25th of January 2024 President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Jets out to France for a private visit to watch Nigeria’s situation without any official statement for the high insecurity and the falling of naira against the dollar.

There is anger and uncertainty in the air across the country over President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s incessant private trips to Paris, France.

Overtnews findings show that many Nigerians became agitated after the President departed 25th of January for France on a private visit, the third time since he assumed office eight months ago.

This has been the worst time Nigerians have faced due to the high rate of insecurity and the current currency situation in the country.

Recall that overtnews had earlier reported that some monarchs were killed and many students kidnapped all in Ekiti State few days ago and the president keeps watching, up till no press release or official statement has been made by the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria over this terrible situation.

A few days ago findings by overtnews showed that naira faced an overwhelming situation in the country which the president has not been able to fix.

President Tinubu’s administration will be clocking a year in May 2024, Nigerian expectations have been in a terrible situation, and Nigerians have been so optimistic about this current situation that nothing has changed for the citizens of Nigeria.

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However, in some speeches sent out by some groups telling President Tinubu to hand over to Vice President Shettima since he is not around the President didn’t reply to the group instead of fixing Nigeria’s issues videos of the president chilling with his friends and family kept showcasing on social media.

Subsequently, terrorists are now taking over the country citizens the citizens can not move freely from one place to another.

A core loyalist of the president who is a famous musician in the country has expressed his feelings also, saying Nigeria needs the president back home because of the country’s situation, he said this is not the time for the president to go and rest, he stated that Nigerians are crying and needs back the president.

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