Investigation Launched by NDPC into Alleged Privacy Breach at NIMC


The National Data Protection Commission (NDPC) has launched a comprehensive investigation into unauthorized access to the personal data of enrollees in the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) database.

Dr. Vincent Olatunji, the National Commissioner of NDPC, has ordered this investigation as part of the regulatory measures to address reports of illegal access by a mysterious entity known as

On Monday, a statement signed by Babatunde Bamigboye, Head of Legal, Enforcement, and Regulations at NDPC, declared that the investigation is an additional regulatory measure by the commission, prompted by public concerns regarding reports of illegal access to enrollees’ personal data by the elusive entity known as

The NDPC has been actively engaging with NIMC to enhance data protection measures. In February 2024, they conducted a training session for NIMC officers, emphasizing the importance of data privacy and protection.

NIMC has already initiated an internal investigation and has pledged full cooperation with NDPC to address the allegations.

NDPC will collaborate with other relevant agencies to audit the alleged unauthorized data processing and ensure accountability under the Nigeria Data Protection Act, 2023.

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“We note that NIMC has initiated internal investigation and it has immediately given full assurances of cooperation with NDPC to get to the root of the allegation and to review existing mediums through which any entity may lawfully verify the identity of enrollees on its platform. Furthermore, NDPC will work with relevant agencies to audit the trails of the alleged unauthorized data processing and monetization of same, and those who are found culpable for violating the Nigeria Data Protection Act, 2023 will be brought to justice,” the statement said on part.

However,The National Commissioner has directed that preliminary findings of the investigation be made public within seven days.

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