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Keyamo Defends Suspension of Dana Air Operations, Citing Safety Concerns


Afor Kenneth

Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, defended his move to suspend operations of Dana Air, citing an audit report conducted during his predecessor’s tenure, which highlighted the airline’s precarious condition.

Keyamo emphasized that internal reports dating back two years ago revealed Dana Air’s unfitness to operate. Given the airline’s history of recurrent incidents, Keyamo deemed it necessary to call for a suspension of its operations.

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According to Keyamo in an interview on television: “I am sure you have heard consistent incidents involving Dana Air before I came into office. I am sure you heard that, at a point, on approach to the runway, the door of its (Dan Air) aircraft flew open. I am sure you know that popular incident. Who are the engineers that are supposed to look at this if the door of an aircraft flew open?

“There were internal reports before I came in under my predecessor that showed a series of infractions by the airline, and the conclusion was that they were not healthy enough to fly. What they did, how they did it before they told them to start flying again, we don’t know. While we argue back and forth about who has power, my point is that the flying public is at risk, and if any tragic incident happens, it is the Minister that would be called. Nigerians will not spare the minister.

“The last thing I want to happen to me as Aviation Minister is to have blood on my hands. I mean the blood of innocent Nigerians caused by negligence or deep complicity of those who are supposed to be regulators of the aviation industry. As minister, my job is to supervise them, and to ensure they carry out their duties. My job is not to regulate. For those quoting the laws, they should know that I know the law more than they do.”


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