Kwam 1 Dispels Rumours On Marital Crisis


Fuji legend Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, also known as K1 De Ultimate, has vehemently denied rumors of a marriage crisis with his wife, Emmanuella Ropo.

Addressing recent speculations after missing his wife’s birthday post on January 1, 2024, the Mayegun of Ijebuland took to Instagram on Friday to share a throwback photo of their wedding day, describing it as a “glorious and never to be forgotten” moment.

In a bold statement, the 66-year-old singer dismissed the swirling rumors, attributing them to “lazy-minded people gathering unfounded stories to trend.” K1 De Ultimate affirmed the strength of their union, urging detractors to focus on positive endeavors.

He wrote, “A glorious day like this day in history of Ijebuland, can never be forgotten in 100 years from today. For some lazy-minded people gathering unfounded stories just to trend like what you doing is God given talent. Ibaje eniyan kodase Olorun duro. Be buwa-buwa kole dunwa, ipati e un poose laasan, eebu tee buwa yeye yin 0. Alayonuso emu kokoro etillekun ete sobolo.”

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