Land Dispute Claims Lives of Soldiers in Delta-Community Leader”


In a tragic turn of events, a land dispute in the Okuama community of Delta State escalated into violence, resulting in the deaths of seventeen individuals, including military personnel.

Olorogun Sleek Oshare, a community leader, shed light on the underlying cause of the conflict, attributing it to tensions arising from the dispute over land ownership between Okuama and a neighboring community.

According to Oshare, the presence of military personnel in the area was part of efforts to mediate the dispute and maintain peace.

Oshare emphasized that the dispute primarily stemmed from a disagreement between two families, rather than being ethnically motivated.

Meanwhile,He highlighted the imbalance in connections between the two communities, with Okoloba seemingly having more influence. Despite the tragic outcome, Oshare urged for a thorough investigation to uncover the truth and ensure justice for all involved parties, including innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.

Following the violence, the Okuama community faced further devastation as their homes were razed to the ground.

However, Oshare emphasized the importance of exercising restraint and avoiding scapegoating, as there may be individuals seeking to incite further conflict.

Also,He called for caution in assigning blame, urging against hasty accusations that could exacerbate tensions and hinder efforts to resolve the situation peacefully.

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At this point, we should be careful whom we point fingers at, there might be some people who want to incite the authorities against the people of Okuama,” he said.

Moreover,In response to the incident, both federal and state authorities, along with military officials, have pledged to apprehend those responsible for the violence.

However,Security expert Kabiru Adamu emphasized that the community has a responsibility to support the Nigerian state in identifying and apprehending those responsible for the violence, underscoring the importance of collective efforts in achieving justice.

”The community has a responsibility to support the Nigerian state in fishing out those responsible,” the security expert said.

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