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Living With Your Parents


Living With Your Parents

Most parents believed in allowing their female children to continue living with them till they move to their husband’s house. Society frowns on a single lady living alone, they say that it gives room to many men whether single or married to have a relationship with her. Males are allowed to wander off to live alone because if they want to get married, they will look for a wife to stay with in the same house. Mostly all these happen after the secondary school level, at the age of 18.

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In this generation, every youth wants to live on their own, all claiming the need for freedom. I get that sometimes we need our space. Living alone in this economy is expensive but we can’t help it. We want to go to the world and strive, hustle and remember home whenever it pays.

Ladies also want their freedom irrespective of society’s opinion. About the men’s relationship situation, it can be controlled. You can choose to live a wayward lifestyle or a responsible one. Knowing that we are the weaker vessels doesn’t stop us from anything, in fact we want to be stronger like men. A man can live alone and a woman can also do the same, there’s nothing wrong with that. A woman can choose a wayward lifestyle and a man can do the same.

A lady still living under her parents will try to be a responsible one, I mean she doesn’t want to tarnish her reputation especially when she has siblings. Her parents will want to be responsible for everything concerning her, her decisions and all. It is your decision to remain with your parents but as a man, you have to leave them and live alone. As a lady, you can choose to remain or leave them. Our parents might want to be part of our decisions, the approval.
Perhaps the most obvious financial benefit of living with parents is saving on rents and bills.
If you value your privacy and want freedom, there are other ways to tackle debts also like having a roommate to split the bills.

Living with parents can make it difficult for young adults to develop a sense of independence and self-reliance. Being under the same roof as your parents can lead to a lack of personal space and privacy, and can make it difficult to make single decisions without parental input.

Moving back in with your parents after college is not a new concept. But around age 28, it starts to get old. That’s when the situation begins to get embarrassing.
It’s safe to say that adults older than 30 should not be living at home with their parents unless they are caring for parents with declining health. By the time someone is 30, they should have had enough time to secure a job and save up enough to move out.

How to survive living with your parents

Be considerate
Be ready to demonstrate progress
Take financial responsibilities
Maintain boundaries
Establish your goals and pursue them

As a female, I am not against a lady living with her parents after university education and I am not also against a lady living alone. It is a choice.

There are several merits of a girl living with her parents after university:

1. Financial support: Reduced living expenses and financial burden, allowing for savings and debt repayment.
2. Emotional support: Continued family bonding and emotional support during a transitional phase.
3. Practical support: Help with daily tasks, meals, and household chores.
4. Safety and security: A safe and secure environment, especially for those living in uncertain or unsafe areas.
5. Transition period: A comfortable space to adjust to post-graduation life and plan future steps.
6. Family values and traditions: Opportunity to maintain close family ties and continue shared values and traditions.
7. Mental health support: Built-in support system for mental health and well-being.
8. Networking opportunities: Potential for professional connections and networking through family contacts.
9. Skill development: Chance to develop life skills, like cooking, budgeting, and time management.
10. Flexibility: Freedom to explore career options, travel, or pursue further education without immediate financial pressure.

Remember, this setup can be beneficial for both the girl and her parents, fostering a supportive environment and strong family bonds.


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