Luggage Decision Spares Wigwe’s PA from The Fatal Flight with Wigwe


The decision of Sola Faleye, Personal Assistant to the late Herbert Wigwe, former Group Managing Director and CEO of Access Bank Plc, proved to be a life-saving choice during a tragic helicopter crash.

Speaking at the Night of Tributes for Herbert Wigwe, held on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, Faleye recounted how he narrowly avoided boarding the ill-fated helicopter, which claimed the lives of his boss, Wigwe, along with his wife, son, and business associate, Abimbola Ogunbajo.

Faleye revealed that he was initially scheduled to fly with Wigwe and the others in the helicopter. However, upon realizing that the chopper could not accommodate their luggage, Faleye made a split-second decision to transport the belongings by road instead.

According to Falaye, he decided to accompany the luggage by road to ensure they arrived safely to his boss who told him it was a brilliant idea.

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However,As Faleye continued his journey by road, he attempted to contact Wigwe and the others on the helicopter, only to be met with unanswered calls, unaware of the tragedy that had unfolded.

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