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Mercy Chinwo Unaware of Alleged Unfair Treatment by Record Label Boss, Dr. Roy Reveals


In a recent revelation on The Honest Bunch Podcast, music producer Dr. Roy disclosed that gospel sensation Mercy Chinwo was unaware of the unfair treatment he endured under their former record label boss, EeZee Tee.

Dr. Roy, known for producing hit tracks like ‘Excess Love,’ accused EeZee Tee of withholding his financial gains despite his contributions to Mercy Chinwo’s success during her tenure at EeZee Concept Records.

“Mercy did not know what was happening,” Dr. Roy affirmed during the podcast, indicating that he refrained from informing her about the maltreatment he faced.

Despite this, Dr. Roy expressed gratitude towards Mercy Chinwo, revealing that she extended support to him during personal hardships, including his father’s illness and passing.

In a subsequent Instagram video, Dr. Roy clarified that his remarks were not aimed at Mercy Chinwo but rather at the record label owner, emphasizing his respect for her talent and character.

Dr. Roy vehemently denied allegations that Mercy Chinwo refused to assist him, highlighting her kindness and assistance during challenging times.

The revelations shed light on the complexities within the music industry, highlighting the importance of transparency and fair treatment for all artists and collaborators.


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