Most churches have become Devil’s headquarters – Actor Kenneth Okonkwo


In an interview with the Punch, Nigerian actor Kenneth Okonkwo stirred controversy with his remarks about the status of men of God and churches in today’s society.

When questioned directly about whether he considers himself a man of God, Okonkwo responded, “I am not a man of God; I am a child of God.”

He elaborated, expressing feeling unprepared for the immense responsibilities associated with being a man of God.

Okonkwo didn’t mince words, asserting that religion is often exploited for personal gain, stating, “The devil’s headquarters is now in most churches.”

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He accused some religious leaders of taking advantage of their followers’ faith for selfish reasons, including amassing wealth.

Furthermore, Okonkwo raised concerns about the moral integrity of contemporary churches, suggesting that certain places of worship have become “havens for evil and immoral activity.”

His comments have ignited a debate on the role of religion and the conduct of religious leaders in Nigerian society.

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