Nigerians Should Learn To Respect Single Mothers


Renowned Nollywood actress Rita Edochie has urged Nigerians to refrain from criticizing single mothers and divorcees, emphasizing the importance of understanding the circumstances behind each individual’s situation.

Edochie passionately expressed, “Stop talking down on single mothers and divorcees, tagging them irresponsible because you do not know the circumstances surrounding the divorce. Being in a man’s house doesn’t define your goodness as a woman and has nothing to do with being responsible.”

The actress challenged the stereotype that a woman’s ability to be in a successful marriage is the sole determinant of her responsibility, pointing out that many single parents and divorcees are incredibly responsible, productive, and resourceful individuals.

Highlighting the capabilities of these women as breadwinners who comfortably manage their financial responsibilities, Edochie emphasized that there are millions of single parents and divorcees who demonstrate a high level of responsibility compared to some women in traditional family setups.

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Rita Edochie encouraged a shift in perspective, urging society to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of single mothers and divorcees, emphasizing that their worth extends far beyond marital status.

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