Ningi Insists: N3 Trillion in 2024 Budget Not Allocated to Any Project


Senator Abdul Ningi, representing Bauchi Central in the National Assembly, has emphasized that the N3 trillion allocated in the 2024 budget lacks any tied projects.

In a chat with Senate correspondents on Monday, Senator Ningi emphasized that a substantial N3 trillion allocation within the budget remains unlinked to any specific project.

Meanwhile, Senator Ningi clarified his previous statements, asserting that he never suggested the existence of dual budgets or any bias against certain regions or individuals. Instead, he underscored the need to ascertain the purpose and allocation of the significant N3 trillion within the budget.

“I said we have established without reasonable doubt about 25 trillion so far as nexus in the budget. That means there is money, and then there is project and then there is location. Money, project, location, but we are yet to ascertain three trillion of that budget.”

“We have established three trillion in the budget; we have not established its location and place. I don’t want any nonsense Senator to come here; if it is a cross I will have to carry, I will carry it,” Senator Ningi said.

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However,He further stated his readiness to bear any consequences, including suspension from the Red Chamber, as he remains resolute in his stance.

“I am not afraid of anything, I believe in one God and I believe power is transient; I am not scared of any issues like suspension. I have been out of the Senate for 8 years and people had to force me back,” he said.

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