Nollywood Mourns As Veteran Actor Amaechi Muonagor Dies


Today, the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood, is in mourning as veteran actor Amaechi Muonagor has passed away at the age of 68. Reports indicate that Muonagor succumbed to complications arising from kidney-related issues, diabetes, and stroke on March 24.

Muonagor’s health struggles were not unknown to the public. In 2023, he suffered a debilitating stroke, resulting in partial paralysis of his left leg. Despite undergoing weekly dialysis and physiotherapy to address the effects of the stroke, Muonagor’s condition worsened over time.

Tragically, his demise comes just days after he made a heartfelt plea on social media for financial assistance to afford a kidney transplant, highlighting the dire circumstances he faced in his final days.

The late actor graced the screens in numerous Nigerian movies, leaving an indelible mark on audiences. He was particularly renowned for his role in the popular film “Aki and Paw Paw,” where he portrayed the father figure to two mischievous young boys.

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Amaechi Muonagor is survived by his wife, Hope Chikodi Muonagor, and their children, who now mourn the loss of a beloved husband and father.

Fans of the iconic actor have taken to social media platforms to express their grief and pay tribute to his remarkable contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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