Police Apprehend Suspected Fraudsters, Bandit Informants, and Others in Zamfara


The Nigerian Police in Zamfara State has made an arrest of 18 suspects, including nine suspected internet fraudsters, an informant to bandits, and eight other individuals involved in criminal activities.

Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Dalijan, disclosed that the arrests were made by the Police Tactical Squad during various operations across the state. Among the suspects paraded were two females.

One notable arrest was that of Dan-Umaru Abubakar, believed to have played a pivotal role in the abduction of female students from the Federal University in Gusau last year.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Dalijan assured continued efforts to bring all suspects involved in the abduction to justice.

The apprehension of the suspected internet fraudsters was based on credible intelligence, revealing their involvement in scamming over 2,000 individuals.

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The suspects were found in possession of over N2 million cash, multiple sim cards, and motorcycles.

Another arrest was that of Nafisa Sani, suspected of supplying firearms to bandits and orchestrating the abduction of her own friend when bandits faced financial difficulties.

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Meanwhile,The police commissioner condemned her actions, emphasizing the gravity of her involvement in criminal activities.

Additionally, a second female suspect was apprehended for kidnapping a three-year-old child and demanding ransom.

However,Commissioner Dalijan reiterated the police’s commitment to eradicating criminal elements in Zamfara State.

To encourage public participation in crime prevention, information boxes have been installed across the state, allowing residents to anonymously provide vital information to aid law enforcement efforts.

He said”All we need from you is information,” he said. “ We have introduced information boxes which we have placed at hospitals, schools, and ministries. All you need to do is to write the information. Don’t write your phone number or your name. Just put the information inside that box.”

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